Amazon Selling Real-Time Facial Recognition Technology to Government

It was revealed publicly last week that law enforcement agents are using facial recognition technology marketed by Amazon to profile people in real time. It is being used in the Orlando, Fla., area as well as Washington County in Oregon and will soon be rolled out in more areas throughout the country. These developments serve as an example of the negative impact that corporate-public partnerships can have on our privacy rights.


New Mexico Legislature Maintains Status Quo: Enables Illegal Spying, Drug Prohibition, Other Federal Programs

SANTA FE, N.M. (March 24, 2016) – New Mexico State House and Senate leadership helped maintain the status quo, failing to take action against unconstitutional spying and the failed drug war in 2016. It killed four bills that would have hampered the federal enforcement of these unconstitutional policies, with several legislative acts not even receiving a vote in their respective chambers.

A rundown of key legislation that failed in New Mexico this year is as follows: