Colorado No Longer Alone: Washington State Joins In Nullification of Federal Marijuana Laws

As Colorado’s six month progress report on its legalized pot economy confronted naysayers with news of plummeting crime, the second state to open itself to recreational cannabis sales made headlines of its own.

Last Tuesday, marijuana was officially introduced into the above ground market in Washington state, sealing another victory in efforts to nullify unconstitutional federal prohibition.


Urgent California Action Alert: Protect Privacy, Stop NSA

On Tuesday, April 29 the Golden State would be on the verge of revolt against Washington, D.C.’s self-proclaimed right to carry out secret, mass surveillance with state resources. Two bills, SB828 andAB2468 are set up for their first committee hearings, Senate Public Safety and Assembly Judiciary Committee respectively, but the votes are anything but secured for liberty and privacy.


Minnesota Action Alert: Require a Warrant before Obtaining An Individual’s Data

A Minnesota bill which would require a search warrant “before obtaining personal identifying information on an individual” regardless of any order or protest by national authority has been introduced in the state House. You can learn more about the legislation HERE.

HF3173 was introduced March 19 and referred to the Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee.

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW. It will take public pressure to get the bill a hearing and a vote to move it out of committee. Take these actions today no matter where you live in Minnesota.