Rachel Maddow Cheers Nullification?

It’s no secret that for years now the popular media personality Rachel Maddow has railed against nullification. Consistent with her partisan Democrat disposition she fear-mongered the return of institutional racism, secession and civil war whenever she approached the subject. Her conclusion was that nullification is a hysterical, reactionary, right-wing radicalism that has no place in modern American politics.

But Maddow has apparently had a change of heart – at least in one case.


Interview: Setting the precedent against NSA

On March 27 Michael Maharrey was a guest on Clarkcast to discuss the Forth Amendment Protection ACT in the state of Michigan. They covered nullification generally before moving on to the more specific topic of HB5420 – introduced by representative Tom McMillin and supported by a bipartisan coalition.


West Virginia Legislature Backs Down on Nullifying Federal Hemp Ban

CHARLESTON, W.V. – March 8, 2014.The West Virginia Senate backed down on a bill that would legalize hemp production in the state, instead passing an amended version of the bill allowing only research as permitted by the federal government

The Senate unanimously passed the amended version of HB3011.