Kansas ‘Right to Try’ Bill Receives Favorable Mainstream Media Coverage

Kansas State Rep. Brett Hildebrand (R-Shawnee), author of the Kansas Right to Try Act, was recently featured on KAKE TV to discuss HB2004. This is a bill that would expand access for terminally ill patients to experimental drugs not yet approved by the FDA, effectively nullifying the agency’s unconstitutional control.



Nullification in Practice: New South Carolina Bill Would “Gut Obamacare” in the State

COLUMBIA S.C., Dec. 11, 2014  – The fight to nullify Obamacare in South Carolina continues with a bill introduced in the state House by Rep. Bill Chumley earlier today. Over the last two years, Chumley, along with Sen. Tom Davis, led a bold effort to reject the federal act in the state. Chumley’s 2013 bill,…