South Carolina’s Constitutional Education Requirement in Public Schools in No Guarantee of Effectiveness

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Jun. 23, 2016) – Last month, Governor Nikki Haley signed a law to make constitutional education a requirement for South Carolina public school students. However, South Carolina residents must remain vigilant to ensure that this new program correctly depicts the intent of the Founding Fathers and their revolutionary documents.


North Carolina Students Are Not Safe From Big Brother!

Big Brother is transforming North Carolina State University from an institute of higher learning into an institute of constitutional degradation.

The National Security Agency recently partnered with NC State to create the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) on its Raleigh campus, according to a recent press release.

“By immersing intelligence analysts with NC State’s diverse group of scientists, we hope to discover new and powerful ways to meet our foreign signals intelligence and information assurance missions – giving us an edge to better protect the nation,”  NSA Director of Research Dr. Michael Wertheimer said.


Zach Wamp, Physical Education, and the Constitution

Rep. Zach Wamp has been campaigning on state sovereignty, the Tenth Amendment, and “meeting the feds at the border” when they overstep their constitutional bounds.  Yet again, Rep. Wamp’s actions speak louder than words, as in the same breath as he is talking state sovereignty he also brags about legislation that he co-authored which introduces…


When the discussion grows we begin to win

A key factor in successfully defending our American heritage and Constitution is discussion.  We can study, we can fight, we can argue yet nothing will move forward without people willingly listening to one another and growing their mutual understanding through discussion and debate.  Those opposing federalism and a free will approach to government fear people…