Scott Plakon, Michael Boldin on Tea Party Patriots Live

Last weekend, I had the honor of spending a few minutes on air with our friends over at – on 660 WORL in Orlando. Also joining in the discussion is FL State Rep, Scott Plakon. The topics? Good stuff – nullification, health care freedom, medical marijuana, firearms freedom, and more… Play in new…


Nullifying National Health Care in Kansas

This Tuesday, 10-27-09, Kansas State Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook and other state legislators will be announcing a “Kansas Health Care Freedom Amendment” – a proposal for a state constitutional amendment that would effectively nullify national health care in that state.  (h/t Jeff Matthews)

Already, four states are considering similar amendments, and more than 15 may see them introduced in the 2010 legislative session.

Writes Senator Pilcher-Cook:

These last few months have made it abundantly clear to us — it is urgent to stand up now to protect our heath care in Kansas.

If federal legislation is passed, ordering government to give free health care (or perceived to be free), there will be an unlimited demand that even the government will not be able to meet. Rationing comes next — government-run health care cannot supply all citizens with the health care they desire, which results in the federal government making the decisions about when and where to deny individual requests for health care.

I am dedicated to:

  • Preserving the freedom of Kansans to provide for their health care.
  • Safeguarding the liberty of Kansans from any federal government action, which would coerce participation in a health care system.
  • Defending the independence of Kansans to pay directly for health care services without penalty.

Here’s an excerpt of the proposed amendments’ text:


Health Care Freedom for Alaska

A Press Release from State Rep. Mike Kelly

Representative Mike Kelly announced plans to introduce a resolution that provides for placing an amendment to Alaska’s Constitution before voters during the next general election making explicit the individual right to health care free choice. The resolution and attendant constitutional amendment would prohibit passage of laws that compel any person or employer to participate in a particular health care system. The proposed constitutional change will also permit the purchase of private insurance and allow Alaskans to pay their own health care provider directly.