Medical Marijuana and Constitutional Confusion in Virginia

From CBS affiliate in Richmond: Delegate Harvey Morgan, a Republican from the 98th district, is introducing legislation that would give more patients access to medical marijuana, as long as they had a doctor’s prescription. This could be another positive step toward ending decades of incredibly costly and embarrassingly futile prohibition efforts, at least in…


Another Victory for the States

Skeptical statists will tell you that the 10th Amendment doesn’t have teeth, that is has not been backed by the the Supreme Court, that we who are rallying behind it are a silly novelty.  They are greatly missing the point.

The Tenth Amendment movement does not wait for approval from Federal lawmakers or courts to be validated, nor does it need to.  The first example in the past decade of state sovereignty scoring a victory without official acknowledgement from DC came when the REAL ID program (Papers please…) came to a grinding halt after multiple states simply said they wouldn’t do it.

What was the response of all powerful Federal behemoth to such insolence?  Not much at all really.

There were no tanks rolling down the streets, no court decisions, no legislative debate- REAL ID simply went away quietly once the states asserted their rightful position under the 10th Amendment to nullify an unconstitutional Federal move.


Getting the Tenther Movement Right. In San Francisco?

One place that most “tenthers” don’t expect to find people who understand the principles of decentralization that the 10th Amendment Stands for is in “liberal capitols” like NYC, LA, SF, and the like. But, keep in mind that decentralization is certainly not about the promotion of “conservative” ideals – or “liberal” ideals, either.  It’s about…


Marijuana Legalization as the Blueprint

A recent Fortune Magazine article, “How Marijuana Became Legal” should give Constitutional activists some great ideas on how to approach other issues where the federal government is outside the scope of their constitutionally-delegated powers.  Here’s an excerpt: Over the years the government’s position has become progressively more embattled, if not untenable. Thirteen states now have…