Nullify Now Tour Starts This Weekend

This Saturday in Fort Worth we kick off the Nullify Now tour, which will force the indispensable idea of state nullification into the national consciousness by means of high-profile events in major cities.  Next month it’s Orlando (featuring former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson) and Chattanooga, then in 2011 it’s Phoenix, Los Angeles, and other…


Making History this Weekend. Will You be There?

What event of 2010 will show you how patriotic Texans will defang Washington from it’s unconstitutional ways?

It’s Nullify Now! – this Saturday, Sept. 4th in Ft. Worth.

Tickets and details here:
or call 888-71-TICKETS

Get Ready!

It’s about to begin. Nullify Now! is a multi-city tour focused on education and activism – teaching you how to say NO to unconstitutional federal laws on a state level. But Nullify Now! is more than just another event – it’s a movement. A great grassroots constitutional awakening that’s happening around the country right now – and you can help it grow to reach the mainstream! Come and be a part of this important historical step in a journey towards to the fulfillment of our founders’ intent.


Nullification and State Resistance to Federal Tyranny

On Thursday, February 18, 2010, historian and author Tom Woods spoke on “When All Else Fails: Nullification and State Resistance to Federal Tyranny” as part of Campaign for Liberty’s activities at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Tom Woods will be the keynote speaker at the launch of the Nullify Now! tour in Ft…


Charles Key on Oklahoma Sovereignty

We’re pleased to announce that Oklahoma State Rep Charles Key, author of many sovereignty-related bills in his state, will be joining us as a featured speaker at Nullify Now! in Fort Worth on September 4th. Get tickets by calling 888-71-TICKETS, or click here to reserve them online. The following video is a 2009 interview with…


Jim Babka, Michael Boldin talk Nullification

Jim Babka, president of, interviews Michael Boldin about nullification and the Nullify Now! tour, launching in September. Get tickets to Nullify Now! in Ft Worth, Orlando, Chattanooga, Phoenix, and Los Angeles – click here. “When a state passes a law to nullify an unconstitutional federal act, regulation…or mandate….this is not rebellion. It’s duty.”…


States the Vehicle to Restore our Republic

Bernie DeCastro, Constitution Party candidate for US Senate in Florida, speaks at the Florida Campaign for Liberty Liberty Summit in Orlando 8/13/10-8/15/10.

If you missed Bernie at the C4L event, you will get another chance at our Tenth Amendment Summit/Nullify Now! Tour on 10/10/10 at the Champion’s Gate Omni

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Christopher Walken? Says Nullify Now

From PressforFreedom: “Nullify Now and the 10th Amendment center are another way to express ourselves in a non violent constitutional act for stopping overreaching laws that violate our personal liberty. Thomas Jefferson used Nullification in Kentucky around the time it was also used in Virginia. You can get tickets on my website at or…