Medical Marijuana and Constitutional Confusion in Virginia

From CBS affiliate in Richmond: Delegate Harvey Morgan, a Republican from the 98th district, is introducing legislation that would give more patients access to medical marijuana, as long as they had a doctor’s prescription. This could be another positive step toward ending decades of incredibly costly and embarrassingly futile prohibition efforts, at least in…


Something in the Water? VA House Speaker Co-Sponsors Tenther Bill

BIG NEWS from Richmond just a few short days before the 10th Amendment rally on January 18th. As reported by the Richmond Tea Party via Tertium Quids: Speaker Howell has asked to be a co-sponsor of the Health Care Reform Bill [HB10], one of two 10th Amendment bills we have before the General Assembly… Get…


Virginia to Consider Health Care Nullification

As a follow up to my recent article on the growing movement to resist national health care, we can now include Virginia as one of the states that will be considering legislation to effectively opt-out, or nullify, any future national health care plan. Delegate Robert G. Marshall has pre-filed House Bill 10 (HB10) for the…


Welcome to the (10th Amendment) Revolution

To support upcoming state legislation designed to nullify federal health care mandates, the Virginia Campaign for Liberty has created a website dedicated to the fight for Virginians’ Tenth Amendment rights. is a great place for Virginia voters and activists to keep up with the latest on initiatives and events surrounding what has been dubbed…


Health Care Freedom in Virginia

The Campaign for Liberty has stepped to the plate big time in Virginia, getting out ahead of the feds and finding a sponsor for the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, to be introduced in 2010.

The Act reads, in part:

Neither the Governor nor the Department of Health, the Department of Public Welfare or any other Commonwealth agency shall participate in the compliance with any Federal law, regulation or policy that would compromise the freedom of choice in health care of any resident of this Commonwealth.

Man, just copying and pasting that feels great.