Writes Scott Plakon:

Join us for a public meeting to discuss the Florida Health Care Freedom Act ( House Joint Resolution 37). Citizens will have the chance to voice concerns, ask questions and learn more about how to get involved with this great cause.

This is the third meeting in a series of town halls that Senator Baker and Representative Plakon have planned to advocate for the passage of the Florida Health Care Freedom Act.

Representative Plakon says, “Our bill (Florida Health Care Freedom Act HJR 37) seeks to prohibit any law or rule from forcing people into a “one size fits all” federally- mandated health care system, such as the one being rushed through Congress.”

Another House co-sponsor, Representative Sandy Adams says, “Today health care is at the top of all our minds. Whether you are a family, a senior, a single parent or a recent college graduate, you are concerned about how the massive changes being proposed in Washington will affect you and your loved ones.”

Senator Baker adds, “We are drawing the line in the sand… Congress’ plan even penalizes people that want to pay for their own lawful health care services. That’s just wrong.”

Each one of these proactive leaders are for health care reform! But, they all agree we must protect our citizens from further federal intrusion into our private lives. We don’t want another inefficient bureaucracy situated between the decisions we make with our doctors.

We welcome all Patriots to this meeting, but seating is limited to 230 so get there early! We respect all viewpoints and want to have another healthy and respectful dialouge, as we did in Altamonte Springs about a week ago.

Don’t forget…Health Care Town Hall Tuesday September 15th from 7pm-9pm at Tuscon’s Southwest Grill, located at 13563 Icot Boulevard, Clearwater, FL 33760.

Michael Boldin

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