After decades of government run-schooling, it’s little surprise that for every problem this country faces, people look to the government for solutions…many times to problems caused by the government itself.

But, Ron Paul, in a recent speech before Congress, brilliantly points out how problems caused 45 years of government mismanagement in health care cannot be solved by more government involvement in that industry.

Here’s a few key points:

3. Economic fallacies accepted for more than 100 years in the United States has deceived policy makers into believing that quality medical care can only be achieved by government force, taxation, regulations, and bowing to a system of special interests that creates a system of corporatism.

10. Insurance sales should be legalized nationally across state lines to increase competition among the insurance companies.

12. The principle of insurance should be remembered. Its purpose in a free market is to measure risk, not to be used synonymously with social welfare programs. Any program that provides for first-dollar payment is no longer insurance. This would be similar to giving coverage for gasoline and repair bills to those who buy car insurance or providing food insurance for people to go to the grocery store. Obviously, that could not work.

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Michael Boldin