Writes Marc Stevens:

The people who run and support the health care system who don’t want the government takeover just have to refuse to cooperate with the people calling themselves “government”. That’ll send Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid a short, but effective message:

Pass whatever “law” you want – we won’t comply. Impose your fines – we won’t pay.

If you’re uncomfortable with not complying with the “law”, then consider all the other thousands of “laws” people disobey everyday, such as couples living together, the so-called “unlawful cohabitation laws” and more here.

Non-violent, non-cooperation is the only method politicians have no weapon to oppose. They ignore the tea parties and venting on radio shows: they coudn’t care less if you don’t like their so-called “laws”. However, there’s nothing they can do when people non-violently refuse to cooperate.

Michael Boldin