Most people don’t realize there is one element that all tyrannical governments need to expand their empire.  That element is crucial for controlling the population and adding a hidden form of taxation called inflation.

Central banking is one of the most evil systems mankind has ever created.  Giving a monopoly the power to print money and control the economy puts us all at financial risk and makes us indentured servants to the money masters (central bankers).  It also is the source of the uncontrolled spending of the federal government.  You would not have a welfare/warfare/police state if you did not have an unlimited supply of money the government could borrow.

Central banks throughout history have always destroyed the countries they inhabit.  They destroy them from the inside out.  They are nothing more than a parasite that feeds off people and the economy until there is nothing left.  They need a constant supply of new hosts or the system is forced to contract.  The Federal Reserve Bank is the world’s largest, and most dangerous central bank in history.  This bank is solely responsible for keeping our government in foreign conflict since its creation in 1913.  Every dollar lent to the government to fund these wars, just makes the central bankers that much more wealthier.  Every war that is won also opens new territory for the banks to force its currency upon the defeated.

Having this type of economic control means the cost of all transactions are subject the policies of the central bank.  When money is created out of thin air and then lent out, the first ones in line benefit the most.  As that money trickles down into society the poor receive this money last.  By the time they get it, the value has already decreased substantially because of inflation.  In the same way Americans receive dollars first, by the time a person in another country trades with it, the value has already decreased.

This type of pyramid scheme can never last forever.  Eventually people catch on to the scam and use other means as barter.  The time has come again that Americans should find other means to store wealth.  The Federal Reserve dollar is nothing more than a piece of paper.  It’s value is solely based on faith.  More dangerously, it is also being printed to no end.  Last year alone the money supply has doubled.  The new money is only now starting to make it’s way into the economy.  Currently, it is being pumped into wall street.  The rise in the stock market is proof of this.  Unemployment is still extremely high and the economy is still in recession, yet the stock market has risen for no apparent reason.  Anyone should be able to figure this is just another artificial bubble, like the housing boom.

How can you help put an end to all this corruption and end the parasite called the Federal Reserve Bank.  Very easy, STOP USING THE DOLLAR! If you run a business don’t accept dollars from your customers.  If you want to protect your assets then I suggest that you store your wealth in something more tangible like gold or silver bullion.

Once Americans reject central banking and restore sound competitive currencies, the free market will once again out compete the government.  By ending this insidious institution you will also be removing the means for the elite to control you.  The government would once again be restricted in its actions.  It is important to note that liberty does not exist without a sound economic system.

November 22nd is the national ‘End The Fed’ day.  Please join others in your state to protest the Federal Reserve.

Rod Grice
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