Perhaps the status quo is no longer holding; people are growing more and more dissatisfied with their options, whether democrat or republican.

The truth is, the current two-party system always leaves one half of a country ticked off and feeling oppressed.  This begs the question; is this really what the Founders intended 233 years ago when they signed a document that started the country?  Did they really intend Congress to manipulate 3 Clauses in Article 1 Section 8 so as to rack up a $105 trillion dollar debt?  Did they intend to have the 10th Amendment ridiculed like it was by David Shuster on MSNBC?  Did they really want one-half of the country perpetually angry at the other?

So, when I was covered on CNN and Fox & Friends for an interview as an average citizen, I never mentioned the word democrat, or liberal, or leftist or republican or right-winger.  Instead, I pointed at Congress and properly identified them (all 535) as the real problem, the real elitists.  They’re the ones in cooperation with big corporations, who have saddled our country with a debt we can never pay. 

Perhaps a more productive exercise by our “Old Media” would be to help advance the ultimate argument that we confront as a country.  Simply put, are we or are we not a country that is still governed by the fundamental principles described in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?  If we are not, only bad outcomes are achieved on this course and no one will be satisfied.

So, if the chasm is just too large between the ideologies, and it appears to be, perhaps our country’s leaders should gather in good faith to openly discuss 1776 and 1787 afresh.  For just as there are Hamilton’s legions today advocating a larger and larger central government, there are also Jefferson’s legions wanting to eviscerate the size and reach of the federal government.  I suggest that before lines get too dramatically drawn, perhaps cooler heads should prevail just as they did back in 1787.