Got your attention!  Here’s an interesting memo I obtained over at the Atlantic.


This memo, which hasn’t been validated, but is being reported on by Fox News, purports to provide a “Target List” of candidates for the Tea Party to presumably unseat in 2010.  Listing them under the heading of “Enemy of Liberty” or “Potential Enemy of Liberty,” one quickly, with even the most cursory attempt at fairness, concludes that this is not a Tea Party Target List, but instead a republican target list of democrats under the guise of the Tea Party.  How do I conclude this?  Well, assuming the list is accurate, and I see no reason not to, there are 45 names on the list.  Of those 45 names, 42 are democrats (really it’s 44 because 2 of the names are primary challenges).  So, am I to conclude from this that there are no republicans who might be enemies of freedom?

I believe in fair play.  So, I compiled my own list that the real Tea Party might want to take a look at as well.  And please, don’t accuse me of being a democrat plant just trying to counter the republican Freedom Works…I used to work for two republican Members of Congress (though I’m now registered unaffiliated).

Here’s the House and Senate Members that voted FOR Medicare Part D: republican-house-members-who-voted-for-medicare-part-d2; republican-senators-who-voted-for-medicare-part-d

So, why did I highlight Medicare Part D.  Well, according to most analysts, this legislation will far exceed the costs spouted about when this new giveaway of your tax dollars was voted upon in 2003.  And yes, this along with every other entitlement Congress has foisted upon us in its never-ending thirst for power will be paid for by our children.  In this regard, here’s a great quote from an article Bruce Bartlett wrote just last year over at Forbes:

“Just to be clear, the Medicare drug benefit was a pure giveaway with a gross cost greater than either the House or Senate health reform bills how being considered. Together the new bills would cost roughly $900 billion over the next 10 years, while Medicare Part D will cost $1 trillion.”

Befitting the title, each of these Members of Congress have been labeled “Enemies of our Children’s Future” and thus should be on any Tea Party target list.

So, I would caution any group such as Freedom Works from suggesting they might have a “target list” for the Tea Party.  If they had called it a Freedom Works “Target List” this would never have become an issue.  Suggesting we Tea Partiers support this…well, makes us all either hypocrites or worse, makes us wonder if you might think we’re all novices at this.  Hmmm, I wonder which it is?  Perhaps both?

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