By now, most all of you know the latest on the Beck/Medina travesty. But is it really a travesty? I am one among a number who believes, and has believed for some time, that Beck is part and parcel of an establishment-owned and run mainstream media that has as its purpose to distract Americans and take their eyes off the ball.

Every MSM pundit is designed for particular audiences. They each have their purposes. We have soft-spoken pundits. We have middle-ground pundits, and we have bold pundits. They range from Diane Sawyer, to Sheppard Smith, to Bill O’Reilley, to Keith Olbermann, to Chris Matthews and to Glenn Beck.

It is important to take heed as to who these people are. They are designed and marketed to appear as if they “belong” to certain groups of working class Americans, from the gentle all the way to the bold and angry. But none of them really belongs. They are all multi-millionaires who make their fortunes by performing under lucrative contracts with super-rich media owners and promoters. These people are picked by their masters; they do not pick their masters. They perform for pay, as anyone should expect.

If we look past the tenor and mode of presentation of each of the pundits, and if we dig deep into the messages of each, we always find one common denominator: They attempt to incite one-half of Americans against the other half. It is always – always – always – “conservatives” vs. “liberals.” The message never changes – only the tone does. I hope most of you will take special notice of this from now on, every time you listen to any pundit, regardless of who it is.

But why do they do this? Media owners spread messages. These messages aren’t spread as charity. They are spread through sponsors. Follow the money.


Jeff Matthews

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