Introduced in the past week in Kansas and West Virginia is the “Health Care Freedom Act” which seeks to ensure the freedom of state residents to choose their own health care providers.

In Kansas, Senate Concurrent Resolution 1626 (SCR1626). In West Virginia, House Joint Resolution 103 (HJR103).

In each state, the proposal is for a state constitutional amendment to ensure that “A law or rule may not compel directly or indirectly any person, employer or healthcare provider to participate in any healthcare system.” If passed, the proposal would go to the voters for approval before becoming law.

There are now more than 2 dozen states considering similar legislation, including Washington, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Florida.

In Arizona, HCR2014 was passed by both the House and Senate and will be on the ballot for approval in November.

CLICK HERE to see the Tenth Amendment Center’s Health Care Nullification Tracking Page

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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