Either the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, or it is not. The current Constitutional 10th Amendment Task Force is undeniably stuck in a conundrum.

The GOP members have traveled their districts, touting their conservative principles, family values, etc., and now, they have a problem. How do you tell your constituents that now you intend to follow the Constitution and urge the federal government to become agnostic on such hot social issues as marijuana decriminalization, marriage, abortion, etc.? How do you tell your voters that, in following the Constitution, your new platform will be to step off the moral soapbox and let the states do the legislating in these areas?

The fact is that, if they want to claim to be beholden to the Constitution, this is exactly what they will have to do. Yet, in doing so, what risk will they be taking in possibly alienating their base of support? There is no doubt they realize they are stuck in this quagmire. That’s why, so far, “mum” has been the word from them on these topics.

Another undeniable fact is that if they do not take this necessary risk, their task force will die a natural, partisan death, and the whole effort will be for naught. So, they need to clearly identify the god to whom they choose to bow – the Constitution, or their party platforms.

Jeff Matthews