When I first saw this article entitled “14-Governor Threatened with Immediate Arrest by Obama” published on Canada Free Press I immediately contacted the editor. It initially seemed like a hoax to me, but if true was big news. Given the wild topic, I only found the article’s validity possible because of the strong reputation that CFP has for truthful reporting. Based on their rapid resolution, I still believe that CFP is a high quality source. Here’s part of the letter I sent to the editor:

“I just ran across a very interesting article but I have strong doubts that the article is based on fact. Can you vouch for the information found here, or for this author: [original link to CFP article removed]“

Apparently the author of this article was a new writer for CFP and after checking the validity of the article the editor immediately removed it from the CFP website. Here was the meat of the editor’s response:

“Thank you for your email which sent us checking the source of the story. We found it led back to often inaccurate [inaccurate website removed]. We have now removed the article. It was posted in error and thankfully was up for less than two hours.”

The following day, I received a stock letter from the author of the “14 Governors” article. In my opinion, the letter seemed like an attempt to defend his reputation after publishing an unverifiable article by positioning himself as a champion of freedom with inside information.


Brian Roberts

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