If you’re not a new reader of this website, you’re obviously noticing our new site design – which was customized for TAC for our 4 year anniversary today, June 25th.

We’ve got a lot of project launched right now and many more coming soon. Here’s a few additional comments beyond what I wrote about in my latest column today:

1. Our new logo. Clean and easy to view. The small flag draped over the edge is to signify the navy jack flag we’ve had on our site since day one – and it’s coiled a bit to look like the tail of the rattlesnake on the Gadsden. We’ll have a little more about it on a new page in the near future.

2. The Original Constitution – Paperback book is going to be released in the near future. More details soon.

3. TAC Team – there’s a lot of great people who work hard to make this organization chug along. We’ll be posting some info on those people soon.

4. The new design – It’s cleaner, our main page now has more than triple the number of articles viewable without even scrolling down – and the coding is going to put a LOT less stress on our server.

5. Videos – you may have seen some of our recent videos on YouTube. We’re happy to have a really creative friend of mine, Angelus Bailey, doing them as part of an internship for his school.

6. Ads – In line with #5, we’re in the early stages of producing a series of “how the 10th applies” commercials. It’s a ways off, but some exciting stuff!

Other than that – thanks for reading, and for your support! Expect to see regular blog posts resume over the weekend. In the meantime, please share this site with your friends!

Michael Boldin

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