A few months ago, I pointed out that the Attorney General for Oregon was working against our interests by trying to keep any state(s) from being able to escape the federal tyranny, by having the Supreme Court declare Obamacare unconstitutional.  More recently, it came to my attention that Senator Wyden (after joining the Democratic majority and ramming it down our collective gullets) was pursuing a Federal waver to try and save Oregon from the high expense which is expected to be incurred, specifically due to the big Medicare advantage cuts in the law (an actual reading may have revealed this to him before the bill was approved, but he was too busy selling us down the river for that).  Still later…. I found that the Americans For Prosperity is planning on passing a ballot initiative (Constitutional Amendment) to nullify Obamacare.  As if that still is not enough, Oregon 9/12 is lobbying heavily to have a Nullification Bill passed within the State House in Salem. We are all over the place here.

AG Kroger:

So in a really partisan manner, AG Kroger has betrayed his constituents to provide cover for the Democrat monstrously-unfunded mandate of Obamacare.  Not only is he not joining with the other states who are protesting Obamacare and trying to get it overturned by the Supreme Court, (an admittedly futile effort), but he is actively trying to stymie these efforts!  http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/290056 Kroger is opposed not just by the dozens of states which are suing the Feds in court, but also by our state’s U.S. Senator (the statist) Ron Wyden., as well as Oregon 9/12 and Oregon Americans for Prosperity. A few months ago I sent a letter letting him know my displeasure with his actions, and in normal dismissive-ruling class behavior the Oregon Dept .of Justice sent back a form letter, which didn’t answer any of my questions.


The 10th Amendment

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