GJ Merits on the nature of the Obamacare lawsuits – the EPA lawsuits, the Arizona lawsuit and all the rest:

That’s it. I’m sick of it. Officially sick of it.

ObamaCare passes gathering even more power into the federal government that soon will regulate your entire life. Our solution? Lawsuits and weak resolutions or nullification legislation with no teeth that target the mandate for insurance.

Arizona suffers the consequences of the federal government failing to do its job. It passes a law. A federal judge strikes it down. The solution – another damn lawsuit.

Texas is invaded by the EPA – an agency and not a branch of the federal government – and watches as permits are revoked and refineries are shut down. The Texas answer – sue.

I’ll just concentrate on ObamaCare for this post. Lawsuits are band-aids and do not address the fundamental problem. Nobody seems to be thinking here. Take out the mandate and watch your taxes raise through the roof instead. A legal challenge on the mandate would – not could – usher in single payer or something just as egregious that much faster. Consequences you can believe in! Remove the mandate and the law still stands – just without the mandate – which means you have to figure out how to pay for it somehow. If your a liberal, then the answer is simple – raise taxes and go single payer. Boom, bam – the realization of the progressive dream. If your a Republican, raise taxes, use the revenue to prop up a few big insurance companies and you now have government backed insurance cartels. If you think for one moment the law will be repealed I have only this to ask – when? Not until 2013 at the earliest, unless you believe “our type of people” will win a super majority in the Senate this November.


Michael Boldin

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