A pretty good report in today’s Newsmax – even recognizing that state marijuana laws are a challenge to the “Obama Agenda.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Beyond this year’s grueling battle for Congress, citizens streaming to the polls on Tuesday will also decide over 150 state-level propositions, referenda, and ballot initiatives that promise to have a major impact on how the nation is governed for decades to come.

These include challenges to major elements in President Obama’s legislative agenda: the legality of Obamacare, union card check, and carbon-emission regulations.

Also up for grabs: New laws protecting hunters’ rights, a controversial bid to legalize marijuana in California, and a new income tax in Washington state.
And one state -– Rhode Island — is even considering changing its name.

In some ways, the initiatives confronting voters in 36 states Tuesday are a reflection of big national issues: How best to react to high unemployment and a lackluster economy, and the ongoing tug-of-war over how to balance government regulation with free enterprise.

read the rest here

Michael Boldin

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