With the recent decision to set the internet free by controlling it more decision by the FCC I wonder if it is time to nullify the FCC. The FCC basically regulates the airwaves by handing out licenses that allow local broadcasters to use certain radio frequencies. This license basically comes with a list of regulation that the licensed broadcast station contractually agreed to when they purchased the license. Failure to comply with the FCC on anything means a possible revocation of that license which keeps any radio station under the thumb of the federal government.

It may seem hopeless to end the FCC since it ain’t even a congressional legislative body that you can choose representatives to run but there is a way to nullify its power. Your local radio broadcast station only broadcast over your own city and not the entire nation which means that the broadcast is happening with the state’s own borders. This gives it control over its own radio waves since they don’t cross into another state. The state can issue its own licenses to broadcast within its own borders.

Those state issued licenses can then have its own regulations over how those stations may operate just like FCC licenses do. The state can then give state broadcast license holders legal precedence over the FCC license holders. This will force already existing local stations to convert to state broadcast licenses since the state can legally shut them down in favor of the state license’s holder right to broadcast over that particular channel.

Those state level broadcast licenses can then make it illegal for that licensed owner to have an FCC license in order to broadcast in that state. This will eliminate the FCC license agreement which will render all FCC regulations unenforceable since there would be no contract.

Edward Browning Bosley
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