Have you ever watched a zombie movie before? What happens? A group of absolute strangers band together, ignore their differences and attempt to survive. One thing that usually happens is that the group of strangers hold-up in an abandoned house and board-up the windows to keep the flesh-eating zombies at-bay. What I want to show you is how we too, the citizenry of the greatest nation the world has ever known, are facing an army of well-placed un-dead. These zombies are just like your stereotypical zombies that are seen in the movies–they too feast on the living. Who are the zombies that roam the night devouring the living? One word–politicians.

You see, in this horror movie that you and I are living in, the safe-house is the Constitution. The Constitution is supposed to be a place of protection against human nature. In case you’ve neglected to examine history: human nature doesn’t have a good track record. Millions of people have died and been persecuted throughout the ages by the “zombies” that feast on power and the life’s-blood of humanity–freedom.

Our Constitution is a tremendous document and whenever the un-dead attempt to enter into our safe-house, we simply board up the windows… and the boards in our metaphor are the Bill of Rights. Now whenever the house has been breached and the zombies have entered into the home, we must excommunicate the zombies–we do this by “voting” the enemies of freedom and liberty out of office. No longer allowing them free reign to feast on what’s living. Our survival depends on our ability to band together, “board-up” the windows yet again, and make our home safe. This is our only hope!

The main issue we have at this moment is that the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees that the states, therefore the people, have the sole power over any issue not “specifically” delegated to the federal government, via the Constitution, has been eviscerated. Healthcare, religion, marriage, etc., most of the issues that the federal government interjects themselves into on a daily basis are actually Constitutionally out of their reach–they aren’t to be influencing the outcome whatsoever. Moreover, when the federal government continues to both create and interpret law without giving the states the means of addressing their grievances, then friends, where’s the checks and balances? Look all you want, they hardly exist any more. Again I say, zombies have penetrated the safe-house…

When James Madison was writing the 10th Federalist, which is considered by many the greatest political essay ever written in the history of the United States, Madison briefly touched on the issue of the federal government both interpreting and creating law. Madison says, “No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgement, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity.” Of course, the gist of Madison’s essay is addressing the issues of faction. Factions are simply put–groups of like-minded people who band together for specific interests. Factions fighting for control of the political arena, Madison thought, would actually help keep a tyrannical leader from coming to power and despotism from forming. Why? The more factions that are vying for power would keep power from being concentrated in too few a hands.

If we truly think about Madison’s words, we’re in trouble. We’ve allowed the federal government to create, interpret and enforce the laws of this nation virtually without contest. While we’ve been wandering through life, assuming that the safe-house will preserve our way of life, we’ve actually stayed complacent for so long that they’ve now entered the safe-house, destroyed some of our fellow survivors (those who love freedom and are mocked whenever they speak of state’s rights) and now wish to come after us. No longer. “But Ryan, how do we fight back?”

John Shadegg, Representative from Arizona, has been pushing for the passage of a bill known as: The Enumerated Powers Act (EPA). The EPA requires the Congress to outline in the legislation they draft, where in the Constitution they’re given the authority to act as they are. This is paramount in our battle to board-up the safe-house again and keep the zombies from devouring the living. Call your Congressmen and ensure they support Shadegg in his battle to bring the Constitution, our safe-house, back to the forefront… and indirectly bring the power back to “We The People.”

Everyone grab a hammer, grab some nails, lock arm-in-arm with those around you who understand that we’ve been breached, put aside all differences and understand that this is the last stand… if we don’t win this battle, our safe-house will never be the same. Therefore, “We The People” will never be the same, either.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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