First, let us reflect on how far we have traveled. Over the last two years, we have gone from complaining about how the Government is rewarding failure with the bank/auto/insurance/mortgage bailouts, to marveling at the absurdity of the “change” being perpetrated upon the nation. We have remarked on the habit of our current President continuing the failed policies of his predecessor, and we have been bullied into accepting the ominous changes that have occurred under this administration- or we are racist for objecting. We have rallied the previously sleeping American Patriots- who were unaware (or unwilling) to take notice before now – of the perilous path our nation has been on for the last 100+ years. Our protests have been both legion and legendary. Never in my lifetime has so sharp a turn been made by the American electorate!

Now what? As I see it, we have two choices… The first is to entrust the “Tea Party” candidates that we have elected – I believe that this is an option we cannot afford to choose. Choice #2 is that we can continue our activism. This is the only moral choice I can see. The problems of our country are not one-election cycle issues! In this article, I hope to convince every reader of the Tenth Amendment Center to continue to fight the good fight.

The first choice, of going back to our lives and letting politics continue as usual, is tempting to many for a couple of reasons. One is that “politicians will never again (after what they witnessed this past couple of years) ignore the clear wishes of their constituents.” This is convincing.. until you consider what awaits a newly-minted representative, i.e.. A party structure (including leadership) which expects a member to tow the party line. It matters very little who elects the politician if their paycheck (and campaign war-chest) are effectively paid or supplemented by the very corporate interests which constantly attempt to bribe politicians (in effect, if not literally) to betray their constituents.


The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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