Everytime I hear someone on the left speak its always ‘they hate government’ as if loving government was a virtue that makes us humane people and not loving it makes it seem like a psychological character flaw. It seems that loving government is mandatory for the left. The reason for this is that the left sees government as a caretaker of society much like a benevolent parent takes care of their children and only ungrateful children would treat it with disrespect.

This is the relationship the left has with government in that it has to care about them in the same way a child demands the parent takes care of them. Children are very demanding and they will hand over whatever power they have to the parent in order for its needs to be taken care of simply because the child has no choice. It’s not until the child gets older and has the ability to take care of themselves that it begins to rebel against the authority of its parents. This is why the leftist keep telling us that we can’t survive without government because that dependence maintains the infantile state in which we surrender our freedom to it. Perpetual childhood is where the authoritarians want to keep us in because children don’t have the power to disobey.

The result of this conditioning is that citizens demand that the people in power care about them to satisfy this child like craving for love. It’s why Bill Clinton got elected on (I feel your pain) and it seems to be the dominant prerequisite for power for the people on the left. It’s also why the number one accusation against conservatives is that they don’t care as if caring is the only requirement to have power. It’s a giant I-love-you-you-love-me-love-fest that is established which resembles more of a cult than a free society.

This is why people are attracted to cults because it brings about a sense of community and thrives on recreating that inborn parent-child relationship. It’s a place where everyone is loved and cared for just like children are loved and cared for but the problem with cults is that no one seems to want to question their leader. The victims of the Jamestown massacre voluntarily complied with the final order even though it violated their own selfish need to live which is why I wish politicians would start standing up and say something like ‘your welfare is not my concern’.

I can imagine the shock and horror as the left throws down a massive collective temper tantrum as they cry (literally) ‘they don’t love us’. Anyone with children would recognize that immediately because it’s what infantile children say when they don’t get their way. The mentalities we are dealing with are people who have developed an infantile relationship with the government.

I will be the first to say that I genuinely wish that politicians were not concerned about my welfare because when they are they go on massive crusades to tell me that I can’t eat, smoke, and anything else I may like to do. It seems that their caring for me justifies them taking away my freedom which is exactly how parent-child relationships operate. The parent cares and cares so much that they feel justified to deny any choice the child can make in order to guarantee their welfare. It seems that politicians that care and loving parents behave the same way because parents don’t let their kids smoke, eat salt, force them to go to school, do drugs, engage in immoral acts, and nag at them to buy proper health insurance.

While this is healthy for the parent child relationship it is detrimental for the state-citizen relationship because if the politicians in charge see themselves as caretakers of our well-being then, like any good parent, they would sacrifice any freedom to ensure our well-being. In New York City someone cared and you lost your freedom and while you may protest about your freedom being taken away it will fall on deaf ears because in their eyes you are just sound like a child who has yet to grow up. It’s for your own good because government cares about you so much that it can’t allow you to make bad choices. You are going to have to sacrifice your adult status and give up your freedom. Sorry, its for your own good.

This brings us to the new thought crime of government hating. Government hating is now a bad thing because people who don’t love government are mentally defective and are prone to acts of violence. They are bad children and they do bad things but good children, who love their parents, always do good things. These good children are blinded by love because they never see the abuse that is piled onto them. Children rarely ever recognize the abuse until they begin to see their parents as imperfect. They then become more rationale about the motives of their parents and begin to object to what their parents do to them.

This is what we must do in that we must see government as an organization full of people that is no different in character than any other organization of people such as Wal-mart. It’s a very simply concept that helps to remove the aura of divinity and any child-like attachment that we have built up around it.

There is no person on the world that is immune from evil which includes you or me but that evil is kept in check by the free interactions with other people. I may be tempted to steel but that temptation is kept in check by the objection of my fellow persons. In the natural environment of no authority our behavior is kept in constant check by others. Just try and give a married woman a smooch and see how much her husband would object.

That fear may keep us inline when our good nature fails and it keeps every person in society in check. The only people in society that have no check are the people who run the government because if they want to steel your money then it does and there is nothing you can do about it (taxes). Of course, I’ll be accused of the awful crime of hating government but if you added up all the murders committed by private citizens since the beginning of history it pales in comparison to the murders government always created. Dalmer might have killed a lot of people but it pales to the number committed by Hitler.

Government is responsible for most of the evil in the world not because those in power are more evil than anyone else but simply because there is no check on their behavior that normally exist for every other human being. We have so many checks on our own behavior that it keeps us contained but those in power do not have those checks and if it is those checks that keep us good then why should we not see the government as an evil since those checks don’t exist for them? We should not love the government but fear it more than anything else but fear it in the same way you would fear stepping in front of a moving bus. It’s something that a wise person would avoid.

It is not that the people in power intend to do evil but most human beings are not self-correcting and have a fair amount of psychological denial about their behavior. It is not until other people reject us that we become aware of our own bad behavior but this rejection did not occur until others acted for their own self-interest. What would our world look like if we did not act for our own self-interest and stop the violations that other people may pile onto us? Those violations would be all over the place which is what we get with government because you can not stop the violations that government does to you (as in TSA molestation) in the same way you can stop other people. It does not feel a need to adjust its behavior to your protest. This is why no one can stop the tax man from taking your money, no one can stop the police from removing your freedom, and no one could stop the NAZIs from killing the Jews. It appears that the deeds of evil within the hearts of politicians are not contained there.

Finally, we have to explain what makes government different from all other organizations of people. What makes the people inside government different than the rest of humanity? No one would trust a stranger on the street yet we are expected to believe people who occupy the offices of government buildings, who we know just as much, have our best interest at heart. We must love them…why? What makes them so virtuous that not to love them is a crime against humanity.

Edward Browning Bosley
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