Gary Johnson, who spoke at Nullify Now! tour stops in both Orlando and Phoenix, has just announced his candidacy for president. And, in an interview with the radical anti-nullification revisionists at ThinkProgress, Johnson made clear his support for the movement around the country.

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KEYES: I know a lot of states have been taking up these nullification bills.

JOHNSON: Yeah, which is terrific. Which is just terrific. I just think the whole notion, that’s another way to drive this exact point.

KEYES: I take it you’re in favor of this nullification movement?

JOHNSON: Yes, yes.

KEYES: I know a lot of critics have said, “well, you know, it’s questionably constitutional.” What would you say to those critics?

JOHNSON: I think that is a criticism, but that that initiative, that these initiatives are getting launched, nullification is getting launched. I think people become more aware as a result of the nullification movement and the rights that states do have. This is really a formula, and it just gets back to the Constitution. It really is a formula for righting all our wrongs.

Amongst the many articles that TAC has on the subject of nullification, Tom Woods and I respond to the standard objections and point out the hypocrisy of pseudo-reporting from the likes of ThinkProgress and MSNBC.

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