“I hate the empire but there is nothing I can do about it”, said young Luke Skywalker as he felt the pessimism of realizing that one person can’t possibly defeat something as large and powerful as the evil galactic empire. I suppose that is how we all feel at times when dealing with our own empire known as the federal government. The villains of our story has spent years building up an indestructible bureaucracy that no one person can defeat. This was what Luke Skywalker realized and was content to live under the empire’s rule and it is probably what a lot of us seem to think at times especially with the passage of the health care bill.

Life imitates art because it embodies our hopes and dreams which is why the most popular artistic creations always allows people to express what they are thinking. This must explain why Star Wars has been one of the most popular movies of all time because it is a story about people oppressed by a powerful government. This piece of art must have tapped into a feeling that we have which is that there is some kind of evil empire trying to take over our lives.

The story portrays the good as powerless people who only want to be left alone in their own lives but because they are powerless against the Evil Galactic Empire they have no realistic chance of defeating that empire. It was never possible for them to defeat the Evil Galactic Empire by themselves since they had no real power other than the force. That is what enabled them to overcome impossible odds at every turn and allowed Luke Skywalker to achieve his own destiny. In some way each one of us is like a Luke Skywalker in that we must rely on a natural power that each one of us has which was given to us by nature. I’m not going to mention mitochloreans because those don’t exist in real life but we do have natural rights that exist as a part of our natural state.

This is our force that no government in history has been able to stop since every government is an unnatural creation that goes against the natural power of our creation. It is the epitome of the dark side because it takes what is natural and twist it for unnatural means which makes it evil. It is the philosophy of the Sith since it attempts to impose its artificial order onto the already existing natural order of freedom. The Sith loved power for that reason and were attracted to anything that could give it to them. The Jedi loved a government that protected the interest of each individual, ensured domestic tranquility, and kept the peace but the Sith loved a government that could impose their will onto the galaxy. Peace and order were imposed by force under the Empire but peace and order existed by mutual consent under the old Republic which is why Qui-Gon and Obi-Won went to help settle a trade dispute between two parties.

It is time that we understand what the story of Star Wars was really about. It is a story about passing on lost knowledge to a younger generation so they can utilize that knowledge to overcome impossible odds. Without that knowledge they have no chance which is why the old generation must be like Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi and help them to unlearn what they have learned.

Edward Browning Bosley
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