Here are more model e-mails in support of Obamacare nullification.  If you need help finding your State Legislator, you can look for them at this link Just enter your zip code and all of your representation (both Federal and State) will come up.  The committee members you are trying to reach are on this post

It’s pretty self-explanatory.  Just fill in your name and paste into an e-mail, edit as you see fit, and send it to the committee members and your State Senator.  This will help out a lot!  Also if you have friends who may agree, send a copy to them to inspire them by your good example.

Distinguished Sir/Ma’am,

My name is insert your name here. I am writing in support of Senate Bill 498, for the nullification of the 2010 Federal health care overhaul.  The Federal govt. says that this bill is in support of the “general welfare,” yet their actions give away the true nature of this sort of legislation.  If this bill is in support of the general welfare… why did Louisiana and Nebraska need to be bribed to take part?  What have the residents of those states done to deserve such preferrential treatment?

If this bill was truly for the “general welfare” of the nation, no such buyouts would be required to pass it.  Why has this bill been relentlessly promoted (like propaganda) by the govt. if it is so good for all.  Why has an entire state along with all the friends of the administration been given waivers so they don’t have to stay on the sinking ship with the rest of us?  This bill is clearly not in the general welfare of the nation because all of the nation is clamoring to escape it.

Please Nullify it by passing SB498.


The 10th Amendment

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