Do YOU support Texas independence from the EPA and Executive tyranny? Then tell Governor Perry TODAY to “pull” House Bill 3188 (Rep. Lyle Larson; R-Bexar) out of the House Select Committee on State Sovereignty and send it on its way through the legislative process!

HB 3188 is the only bill with “teeth” to enforce a Texas EPA pushback directive. With only 40 days left in the 82nd legislative session, the clock is ticking down on this House bill.

Call, email, fax, etc. the Office of the Governor and tell them to MOVE HB 3188 to Calendars Committee so that HB 3188 can be debated and voted on the House floor.

Contact info: Senator Ken Armbrister, Legislative Liaison to the Governor, (512) 463-1830, fax: (512) 572-2211,, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711.

If emailing or faxing, cut and paste the following point paper and send it on. This is an easy and convenient way to battle tyranny from your home office. Do it today. Do it for you children. Do it for Texas!


Point Paper:

  • Texas MUST maintain the power to monitor its own air quality via the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).
  • Texas MUST maintain its innovative flexible-permitting system establishing pollution caps for entire energy producing facilities (vice caps for each individual “source,” i.e., smoke stacks) on individual facilities.  The flexible-permitting approach requires refineries and other business to contain their overall emissions, satisfying federal standards while determining how best to do so. (Source: “Fed Up,” by Gov. Rick Perry)
  • In June 2010 the EPA, without Congressional review, authority or approval, elected to change the “rules of engagement” and demanded Texas invalidate all 122 flexible-permits issued by TCEQ.  This permitting was established three presidential administrations ago. The EPA is now demanding all 122 Texas facilities re-apply directly to the EPA. The EPA wants to negate TCEQ’s authority as the environmental air quality manager within the sovereign state of Texas.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency, an agent of the federal Executive, responds only to presidential executive orders. As such, the responsibility, authority and accountability of the Legislative branch of the federal government are being usurped by the Executive.
  • Environmental management is an inherent “right” of the sovereign state of Texas (and all sovereign states) only; not the federal government!
  • The EPA’s invasion of Texas is a violation of Texas sovereignty and an act of aggression upon Texas’ and Texans ability to remain financially solvent. Texas MUST BE FREE to manage environmental issues affecting its citizens!
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