As I was traveling overnight in the middle seat of an overpacked coach flight to South Carolina, all I could think of was….thanks.

I’ll be speaking at the presidential debate after event rally/party today. The full lineup is pretty much this… Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jordan Page, Stewart Rhodes…and me.

Getting an opportunity to speak at this event is a big thing for little ole TAC…and for me personally.

So, I wanted to take a minute to thank you…our readers and supporters…who keep pushing our tenther message and placing the Center in a place of growing prominence around the country. Thank you. Without your support and belief in our message, we’d be nothing more than a website. But ideas are stronger than anything tangible, and great ideas cannot be stopped in the long run. Your help has transformed a good idea into a national movement.

We’ve got an amazing group of five dozen volunteers who help as they can with their own busy lives to make this organization hum like a finely tuned sports car even though our budget is more like a pile of scrap metal. Plus we couldn’t do this without the multi-year dedication of our deputy director, and my personal friend, Bryce Shonka. He gets paid, like I do, low enough that we’d qualify for government handouts. But we don’t take them on principle.

And, I can never find a way to properly thank my life’s love, Sarah Rosa, who not only designs flyer after flyer for free, on a deadline, but is so supportive of all the endless 14 hour days that are required to make this thing happen.

And thanks to Nicole Quinn, Stewart Rhodes, Chris Lawton, who’ve actually made this S.C. speaking engagement happen.

So what am I writing all this for? Sometimes I feel like the never-ending workload and the brutally long workweeks are going to finally crush me, but they don’t. Every time I want to throw in the towel and just sleep for a couple weeks, something really good happens and reminds me why I keep pushing onward.

We’re fast-approaching our five year anniversary. Our funding is minimal, but with your help, our impact has been big. (Our yearly budget is matched by the Heritage foundation every six hours. Seriously.)

There’s a nullification movement all across the country. It has grown big enough that Tom Woods wrote a book about it and helped it grow even more. We’re running a nationwide tour (next up, Los Angeles). And the media and pundits alike are talking about our work. It is you who’ve taken these ideas and made them grow so much that in a few week span we were publicly attacked by both Rachel Maddow and the SPLC. Feathers are surely being ruffled and we must be doing something right!

We’re really going to need your help to continue our work and growth. Please stay tuned as we reach out to you for our 5-year anniversary celebration throughout June and July.

I am humbled and honored to lead our efforts here at TAC. With your help, we’ll continue to do so. Together we can take this message to the next level.

Many, many thanks.

Michael Boldin

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