Well, after an exciting start to the 2012 legislative season, none of our nullification bills were passed and only 1 had a committee hearing.  All of the bills are now “dead” for this year.  I learned a lot during this year.  Among the things I learned, is that I have to be ready with a constant message, to keep the attention on our legislation once it has been introduced, I need to visit Salem much more often, and I need to talk to legislators to find out how to get legislation moving.  With this season finished (for “tenther” legislation) the Oregon Tenth Amendment Center will be shifting our focus back to “education” from activism until the next session.  This is not to say that I personally will not be active, but it is to say that my posts here will be more philosophy oriented than legislation oriented.  To all who visited/emailed/called/wrote your legislators, thank you for your help, I look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with all of you towards liberty in other areas in the months between now, and the next session in Salem.

For everything there is a time, and now the time for new legislation in Salem has passed.  Anyone with any advice or ideas for preparing for next year please email me/comment on this post.  Again thanks to everyone who participated this year in attempting to get our various nullifications introduced.


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