NOTE: Missouri Tenth: A Citizen’s Guide to State Sovereignty is an official supporter of Nullify Now! Kansas City on August 20, 2011.  Get tickets here – – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS


As reported on the June 22, 2011 edition of Tenther Radio, Michael Boldin (with host Phil Russo), made the following announcement:

“We’ve actually just signed the contract and sealed the deal for Nullify Now in Kansas City on Saturday August 20. We’re really excited about it, and we’ve got an interesting cross-section of groups that are going to be involved. Join us for an amazing educational seminar in our fight for liberty through nullification. Hear great guest speakers, like Tom Woods – the best selling author of Meltdown, the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, and of course Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st century. For more details and to get your tickets right now, visit”

In addition, Tom Woods was on hand to provide insight into some of the prior Nullification events he’s spoken at. “We have at these events a real hodge-podge of different types of people. Certainly in Los Angeles, where there are people interested in issues that might be associated with the left. But on the other hand, you get the 9-12ers, and those that support the Tea Party, and they’re concerned about Obamacare. So everyone thinks they’ve got some kind of agenda item that fits in with what we’re talking about. But we shouldn’t think in these encapsulated terms, where I’ve got my issue and you’ve got your issue. The whole thing that we’re doing here is talking about decentralizing power. This is a movement in itself.

We all have our own reasons for being here. Some people have a particular Federal law they don’t like that violates individual liberty, or some people are just devoted to the Tenth Amendment. Domestically, the Federal Government is basically a de-civilization agent; I think it pits us all in a terrible Civil War of all of us against all of us. We’re all clawing at each other to get a hold of each other’s wealth. I think this is very unhealthy and destructive.

All we can do is to hold aloft the banner of justice and humanity, and see who rallies to it.And no matter who joins us, fights with us!

For more information, please see the Kansas City Nullify Now event tab at the top of the page (for logo and banner ad), or the prior mentioned Hope to see you there!


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