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In this episode, hosts Phil Russo and Michael Boldin are joined by Paul Armentano, the Deputy Director of NORML and the NORML Foundation. His recent op-ed at (read here) discusses the Ron Paul-Barney Frank legislation to return marijuana decision-making to the states, and he discusses his view that such decisions should be decentralized, and not in the hands of the federal government.

Paul also talks about the Obama administration’s about-face on marijuana policy and its recent use of threats to individual states to get them to stop implementation of medical marijuana programs in New Jersey and elsewhere. He also points out that in Vermont, Maine and other states, they ignored the threats and have gotten away with it. A blueprint for other issues too?

Photo: Gage Skidmore

We’re also joined by Robert Scott Bell, a leading natural health expert and host of a daily radio show on Natural News, and a weekly 2 hour radio show on GCN. Robert talks with us about unconstitutional actions by the FDA, USDA, and other alphabet soup agencies. He also tells us how the feds have been waging a war against raw milk in Pennsylvania and Venice, California. Robert explains how nullification isn’t just a good political idea, but also a matter of life or death – a subject he’s covered as a featured speaker at previous Nullify Now! events (and his upcoming speaking appearance at Nullify Now! Kansas City).

Marijuana is Safer – Paul Armentano’s book.
Robert’s radio shows: and
Nullify Now! Kansas City

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