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In this episode, hosts Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann focus on nullification and last weekend’s big Nullify Now! event in Kansas City. They cover the basics of the principles of 1798, along with the how and why of nullification. Tom Woods joins us to recap his keynote speech at Nullify Now! Kansas City, and also talks about the media, reaching more people, and the 17th amendment. Also joining the show is Mike Maharrey, national communications director of the Tenth Amendment Center. Mike talks about his speech in KC, and the forgotten history of nullification as it was used in resistance to federal slavery laws.

Tom Woods: “The Principles of ’98 can be summed very simply. The federal government is one of limited, enumerated powers. The states delegated those powers. The states came before the federal government in the same way that the bride and groom exist before the marriage. The states were there first. They enjoyed a reservoir of power by virtue of the fact that their peoples are sovereign.”

Links from the show:
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Nullify Now! Jacksonville
Tom Woods at Nullify Now! Kansas City (video)
The Original Constitution
Banking With Life (our show sponsor)

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