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In this episode, hosts Phil Russo and Michael Boldin talk about Rick Perry flip flopping on his Tenther views and now advocating more central control in DC over social issues in the states – somthing the founders were strongly opposed to in the Constitution. They welcome John Dennis, 2010 republican challenger to Nancy Pelosi to talk about that campaign and his new project, a grassroots effort to active people for the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa. Bryce Shonka – the man in the cave/studio – steps up to interview musician Ryan Bowman, bass player for the BoDeans (and a member of a number of other bands) to talk about his personal experiences at the hands of the TSA. Rounding out the show, Russo and Boldin welcome Lesley Swann to discuss the latest in the Anonymous hacktivists vs the government story, and they close out discussing the idiocy of the debt crisis. “We already have a balanced budget amendment, it’s the 10th!”

TSA to Ryan Bowman, “It’s a patdown, sir.” Ryan Bowman to TSA Agent, “You can call it what you want, but it’s still rubbin’ balls”

<a href=""RP2012
The BoDeans
Nullify Now! Kansas City
Anonymous on Twitter
What Would Zorro Do? Lesley Swann’s article on Anonymous
We Already Have a Balanced Budget Amendment

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Gary Marbut, author of the Firearms Freedom Act, joins us to give an update on where the Act currently stands, and plans to activate it moving forward. The bill, passed in 8 states, says that if a gun is made and sold in your state, it’s not INTERstate commerce and the feds need to back off.

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