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In this episode, hosts Michael Boldin and Robert Scott Bell talk about the latest heavily-armed FDA raid on little Rawesome foods in Venice, California. They also discuss three states working to nullify No Child Left Behind, the feds responding with a waiver offer – and the Washington Post calling for nullification of the act, without using the word itself. They welcome Gary Marbut and Will Stewart-Starks as guests on the show. With Gary, they discuss the Firearms Freedom Act, a 10th Amendment challenge to federal abuses of the commerce clause, its passage in 7+ states around the country, the recent coverage on Marbut and the FFA in the Wall Street Journal, Wickard and Raich – the two main cases where SCOTUS granted broad new powers over intrastate activity never given to the feds by the founders, the current court system status of the act, and some plans for the future. Starks, Kansas University chapter leader for Young Americans for Liberty – stops by later in the show to discuss bringing a message of liberty to mostly-liberal young people, activism on campus and supporting the Nullify Now! event in Kansas City.

–Washington Post on No Child Left Behind: “Mass resistance is likely the only course remaining. States should stop imposing additional sanctions on schools, as some states have said they will do. They should simultaneously refuse Duncan’s deal. This would be a good time to call Obama and Duncan’s bluff.”

–“You can try, but we won’t comply!”

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Missour State Rep Paul Curtman, Michigan State Rep Paul Opsommer – talk about state level solutions to the problems we face. And, Doug Tjaden of joins us to talk about ending the fed from the bottom up!

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