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What is a Tenth Amendment Committee (tac)?
A Tenth Amendment Committee is a groups formed within an organization (Political Party from local to national, Political Action Committee, Activist Groups, Social Justice Groups, etc.) whose exclusive purpose is to Educate and Activate on issues that surround the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

What would the Education entail within a 10th Amendment Committee?
Without effectively understanding the role of the federal government and the enumerated powers found in the US Constitution knowing the 10th Amendment gives you very little to work with regarding the role of the states and the people within the federated Republic of these United States.  Classes or events on the US Constitution and the nullification powers of the states and the people are necessary to become an effective Activist in LIMITING FEDERAL POWER to only the powers the Founders intended in the Constitution.  The Florida Tenth Amendment Center in collaboration with the National Tenth Amendment Center will be providing information and educational tools surrounding the US Constitution and the nullification powers of the states and the people for your Tenth Amendment Committee to use and distribute.

What Action would 10th Amendment Committees be involved in?
Nullification to be general, but this action requires a lot of grassroots support so that state legislatures feel empowered by the people to act in accordance to the US Constitution.  So many times the focus of political organizations are Washington D.C.  So they send letters, place phone calls, send lobbyists, or attend local town hall meetings put on by Washington politicians.  The Founders never intended our world to revolve around Washington D.C. they intended our world to focus on our communities and our state.  The actions of a Tenth Amendment Committee would focus on state representatives and senators in Tallahassee specifically petitioning them to stop accepting unConstitutionally supplied federal money or to stop permitting federal agents from enforcing unconstitutional federal powers or to protect citizens from a federal government that has become too “big to succeed”.  The education a Tenth Amendment Committee will obtain can engerize an entire group, community and state to stop Washington’s unConstitutional actions.

How do I start a 10th Amendment Committee in my organization?
First, have a Point Person who will be the go-to individual within the group for all things related to 10th Amendment activities.  Second, send an email via the contact us page at the Florida Tenth Amendment Center .  Be sure the Subject Line say “Tenth Amendment Committee” and please include a phone number for contacting the Point Person.

Two steps to getting started and then the fun begins.  Education is first and we want each new person to get sufficient education.  Action follows and the Florida Tenth Amendment Center will be advancing the cause of Liberty in Florida so that your tac (Tenth Amendment Committee) can help stop the federal government through the power of the states.

Francisco Rodriguez

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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