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Hosts Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann will talk Gibson Guitar Raids, GOP Debates and more

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On Wednesday, August 24, federal agents conducted a Gestapo-style raid, complete with automatic weapons and bulletproof vests, on Gibson Guitars manufacturing facilities in Nashville and Memphis. The reason for all the firepower and spent taxpayer money to fly in agents from New Orleans, Albuquerque, and Washington, DC to take part in the raid? The federal government executed search warrants to seize wood – yes, wood – from Gibson that they allege was imported illegally.

The GOP will be holding a debate this night as well. We’ll give some Tenther Perspective, of course!

A recent article in the Huffington Post makes absurd statements about the role of the 10th Amendment and the sovereignty of the states. But, many on the other side don’t always make sound arguments on this either. We’ve invited David E. Bernstein to discuss his response and learn a little more about the foundation of the constitution. Bernstein is Foundation Professor at the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia. (awaiting guest confirmation)


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The 10th Amendment

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