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In this episode of TRX: Tenther Radio, Michael Boldin and co-host Jason Rink ask “What happened to Grover Cleveland?” – discussing the idea of a president actually vetoing a bill on Constitutional grounds. They also discuss the recent Sound Money Summit, which Jason attended in Utah, and get an update on it from Doug Tjaden at the Sound Money Center.

Joining the show for two segments, Rob Natelson, recognized national expert on the framing and adoption of the US Constitution, explains how the new Obama jobs bill obliterates part of the Constitution.

“Obama’s new jobs bill is an in-your-face violation of the Constitution.”

“Congress doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to override the 1st or 2nd amendment, so they shouldn’t be given the power to do suspend the 11th.”

Ending the show, Michael goes on a Tenther Rant about the death of the Constitution, and who holds power over the beginning – and end – of liberty.


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