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In this episode of TRX: Tenther Radio, Michael Boldin co-host Lesley Swann talk about the 10th Amendment gaining mainstream popularity, Google being brought in for anti-trust hearings by the Federal Government, Tea Party hero Senator Mike Lee banging the drum for federal intervention against Google, the endless grows of federal laws and regulations in the impossible-to-read federal register, new Nullify Now! tour events, and more.

Joining the show as a special guest is Tom DiLorenzo, senior fellow at the Mises Institute. Tom recently wrote a rebuttal to Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr’s recent statement that Tenth Amendment advocates are basically racists.

“Jesse Jackson Jr is terrified that the people of America, organized as political communities at the state and local level, might actually take matters into their own hands and insist that the United State Constitution be enforced.”

“Politicians have ignored the 10th Amendment for a long, long time. That doesn’t mean that it’s non-existent and no longer part of the Constitution. They are just acting lawlessly and unconstitutionally by ignoring it.”
–Tom DiLorenzo

Ending the show, Michael goes on a Tenther Rant about sticking to the Constitution – every issue, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.

Next Week: Rob Natelson. Don’t miss it!


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