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Tenther Radio has a new broadcast partner! Today we welcome LRN.FM, the liberty radio network – now carrying Tenther Radio in their daily podcast loop. Hear more about what they do and some other programs and information they offer, as well as get some background on the company itself. Jacksonville Florida was the site for our latest Nullify Now event this past Saturday, 10-22-11. Co-host Lesley Swann was there along with Florida Tenthers Andrew Nappi and Francisco Rodriguez. TAC Communications director Mike Maharrey who will be joins the show to give his report on Nullify Now! Jacksonville.

New Tenth Amendment Center blogger, Keith Broaders, joins us as well – to discuss executive orders, the constitution, and how they’re being used to violate it all the time. Michael Boldin and Lesley talk about the new TSA program to put in checkpoints on highways. Yes, the TSA is expanding beyond airports and they think this is OK. Being a Tennessee resident, Lesley has some special perspective on the program, which her state can be “proud” to call the first large test case.

“Why is it when anyone tries to point out that the Federal Government is out of control they are called a radical, or a nut-job – or someone who’s Dangerous!? Yet we see the evidence of government having assumed so much power that it has developed ways to murder innocent people by remote control, and checkpoints from the TSA are not just in airports – they’re being introduced on highways in Tennessee. This is beyond out of control!”
–Michael Boldin

Ending the show, Michael goes on a Tenther Rant about the Democrats, Republicans, war and peace – both abroad and at home.


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