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As we gather together this Thanksgiving holiday, let’s take at least a few minutes to step back and breathe. Let’s push from our minds the imperial presidents, the attacks on our liberty, the obligations many of us feel to spend ourselves into oblivion, and so much more – and let’s focus on some good basic stuff that we can all be thankful for.

And let’s save a drumstick for the resisters – past, present and future…

In this special 1 hour Thanksgiving-Eve special broadcast of Tenther Radio, Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann welcome Paul Armentano of NORML back to the show to discuss their latest action – a 10th Amendment lawsuit against the federal government. NORML attorneys bring a number of legal and constitutional arguments to bear in asserting that the federal government has overstepped its boundaries in interfering with the state’s medical marijuana business.

ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford, who filed a concurrent lawsuit in San Francisco said, “This case is aimed at restoring California’s sovereign and constitutional right to establish its own public health laws based on this country’s federalist principles.”

This episode is our first run with some upgraded internet speed, hopefully improving our live stream and connectivity with our co-hosts. Plus, hear a little more about the new commenting system here at the Tenth Amendment Center, LiveFyre.

After discussing a glimmer of hope for the 4th Amendment down in Texas, Michael closes the show with a special Thanksgiving message – for friends, family and supporters alike.


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