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In this live post-GOP special event, host Michael Boldin welcomes birthday boy Nick Hankoff into our LA home studio to co-host. Happy Birthday Nick! They cover the debate and rip some holes into the idea of the GOP being filled with Constitutionalists.

Boldin and Hankoff welcome Liz Reitzig – who decided enough is enough when it comes to the feds trying to shut down all raw milk production. Nullification requires individual courage and action and we hear what she’s doing to say NO to the FDA. In short, she’s not just defying them, she’s challenging them to their face.

Also, big news from Ohio. Yesterday, the people of Ohio voted that the STATE, not the Federal government, is in charge of health mandate decisions. 65% of Ohio decided that health care mandates should be illegal. Joining us to talk about this is Chris Littleton of the Ohio Liberty Council, who spearheaded the initiative effort.

Ending the show, Michael goes on a Tenther Rant about defiance to tyrants and an important anniversary that few people know about…


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