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Can the states Nullify Obamacare? Recently the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Virginia had no right to defend its citizens against unconstitutional federal laws. Were they right? If you’re listening to this show, you probably know the answer already. Jim Babka from DownsizeDC joins Michael Boldin and Jason Rink to give his liberty-centric perspective.

Boldin and Rink discuss the upcoming Ohio Vote on Issue 3, the Health Care Freedom Act – where Ohio could become the 10th State to pass legislation explicitly rejecting health care mandates. We’ll have a breaking report on this important vote on next week’s show!

They also talk about the dangerous new program where the feds are paying for remote, armed mini-drones for local police. Big Brother in action. And they cover the recent “coverage” from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And “stopping by” – a rare treat – Bryce Shonka is back in LA after moving up to Seattle recently. He runs the show in studio and comes on air with some juicy constitutional tidbits. Welcome home, Bryce!

“Some people tell me that while they agree with our ideas – in principle – they fear that things are so bad that there’s nothing that can be done to turn things around. “Better just hunker down and store up some food and water for the big collapse” – is the recommendation. But we believe this kind of attitude only sets the stage for a situation where personal storage won’t be much help in the long run. Instead – we take the position that no matter how difficult the odds, or how insurmountable things might seem, it’s always essential for us to do what’s right. And here at the Tenth Amendment center, doing what’s right is pretty damn straightforward – the Constitution – every issue, every time – no exceptions, no excuses.”

Ending the show, Michael goes on a Tenther Rant about doing what’s right no matter what the odds…


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