Your Governor took an oath to the Constitution of the United States- one which they have not followed.

Each of the 50 governors have enormous potential to lead the process of breaking apart the power centralized in DC and return it to We the People. Despite this potential we have yet to see even one strong willed example, willing not only to talk the talk but also do what America’s founders said must be done in the face of Federal tyranny. This has been true for decades.

At least two States now have a chance to vote for Gubernatorial candidates who promise to do just that.

“The time for the ribbon-cutting, politics-as-usual governor is over,” said Morgan Philpot, candidate for Governor of Utah.

“We need ideas, strategies and an ocean of new thinking. We need leaders with guts to say, ‘No. Not here. … You can take your Democratic, socialist, central-planning elsewhere, but it will never fly here.”

This rhetoric may not be new, but then Mr Philpot took his statement to a whole new level when he indicated exactly how committed he was to the kind of ideas we LOVE here at TAC:

“Am I going to jail if I do? If that’s what it’s going to take. Does the Federal government need to come down and throw some handcuffs on the governor of Utah?” he asked, during the public statement.

Morgan Philpot is not alone.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, shared with me his thoughts on another Gubernatorial candidate running in Rhodes’ home state of Montana- Robert Fanning. Fanning has already announced Chuck Baldwin to be his running mate., their official site, states:

“Both the Democrat-left and the Republican-right want to give more power to the federal government, in contradiction to our Constitution which gives more power to the states and the people…The States were once self-governing and thriving capitalist societies with an emphasis on individual morality and responsibility. We must become again what we once were. We must get back to America’s Constitutional roots.”

Rhodes calls the duo ‘THE state sovereignty, Tenth Amendment candidate team to watch’. “I think a hard stand on State sovereignty and reserved powers, under the Tenth Amendment, will only help their candidacy, especially in the primary, because Montanans are really waking up to those issues.” Rhodes continued.

Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we’ve watched as more and more Americans in every state continue to ‘wake up’ to these issues. It is up to We the People assert ourselves. Is our will to be done with Federal intrusion into nearly every personal aspect of life? If the answer is ‘yes’, then we must back Tenther Gubernatorial candidates who are willing to say ‘No!’ to Federal policies that are outside of the Constitution- policies which by their very nature are ‘null, void & of no force’.