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This show’s big question… Should the federal government dictate reciprocity on firearm carry permits to states as part of its authority under the Commerce Clause or the Full Faith and Credit Clause? Gun Rights organizations like the NRA are pushing hard, and it’s the liberals who are opposing. While we always advocate for more liberty over less, is federally-enforced gun reciprocity within the constitutional framework? Kevin Gutzman – one of the best of the best – joins hosts Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann to give the real explanation of what’s going on.

There are a LOT of big issues facing us these days, and John Michaels stops in from his studio work producing the show to talk about some great upcoming special episodes of Tenther Radio in December. We’ll be covering war powers, the FDA, the power of the sheriff and more. New blog post with more details coming soon.

We’d also like to give a shout out – some special thanks – to a number of people who’ve recently joined our community, some people who’ve become official members of the Tenth Amendment Center. There’s Edward, Jeffrey and Rene in Florida, Wilfred in Texas, Paul in Massachusetts, William in Washington, John in Pennsylvania, Kristi in Illinois, and a new lifetime member, Elliott in New Hampshire. Thank you – each and every one of you. Your support of the Tenth Amendment Center is extremely important. Welcome to our community!

Our main goal here at TAC, above all else, is to Educate! Michael and Lesley also cover a few new books that are now available in the TAC store – and our new Tenther101 Course too. These are some ways we recommend to inform yourself and others about the constitution, nullification, and the Tenther movement – now.


Mentioned in this Show
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Books available in the TAC Store
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Tad DeHaven’s article on Government Stimulus
Mike Maharrey’s article on seperation of powers
Judge Napolitano on the Patriot Act
Mike Maharrey on George Washington and Foreign Policy

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