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Welcome to our special Tenther Radio “Year in Review” episode!  First, Michael Boldin and John Bush reviewed the “Most-Read Articles of 2011” from the Tenth Amendment Center Website.  And then, John Bush gave us an update on the Nullifcation: The Movie. The documentary will be premiering at the CPAC convention in Washington DC in February.  John listed some of the people in the documentary: Stewart Rhodes, Michael Boldin, Kevin Gutzman, Thomas Woods, and Deborah Medina.  John referred to the guests as, “big leaders and big thinkers in the whole Tenth Amendment push.”

Later, Lesley Swann joined Michael as they reviewed the “Top Ten Unconstitutional Offenses of the Federal Government in 2011!”  Lesley offered some insight on one of those 10 – the yet to be passed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Also among the list were: TSA 4th Amendment violations, Federal Threats to Cannabis Farming in California, expanded EPA power, the NDAA and more.

Michael closed the show with a special recap of 2011 for the TAC. He shared some of our successes and challenges over 2011, and what we can expect to see in 2012 from the Tenth Amendment Center and the Tenther Movement in general.

“The Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions and no excuses.”

Everyone from the Tenth Amendment Center and Tenther Radio wishes you a Happy New Year!

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