There are only THREE crimes that permit constitutional police action on the part of the Federal government- treason, counterfeiting and piracy- so one has to wonder which of those crimes was alleged when a Predator B drone was used by the Feds to arrest three alleged cow thieves in North Dakota this past summer.  Since the probable cause leading to the arrest was allegations of (cow) theft, I think it’s clear that this drone mission did not sit within the parameters of the constitution.

We live in a fascinating age, for at a time when some sheriffs seem ready to truly carry out their oath to defend the constitution, others like Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke are happy to help destroy it rather than approach an armed family of farmers.  Sheriff Janke called in the drone from Grand Forks Air Force Base, the first of what may be as many as 3 dozen such Predator flights since then.

Moving right along to another curious recent phenomenon since the Feds got into the business of guarding individual industries such as the film and music biz.  Who can explain to me why the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center should exist at all?  Yes- it’s called movie/music/software piracy, but that is really theft.  Piracy as referenced in the constitution (one of the three reasons a Federal cop should act) is the kind with boats and guns involved.  Again, we see almost total disregard for the founders design with the very existence NIPRCC, a Federal entity created under Clinton more than 10 years ago “as a response to congressional criticism of federal enforcement efforts in the 1990s.”

Somebody ought to have stood up in congress in those days and made it clear- the only time Federal law enforcement is constitutionally used, is in response to just THREE crimes.  There was no such champion back then, surely now it is up to We the People to do just that TODAY.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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